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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# This file is part of bzz.

# Licensed under the MIT license:
# Copyright (c) 2014 Bernardo Heynemann

import logging

import tornado.gen as gen
from tornado import httpclient

from bzz.auth import AuthProvider
import bzz.utils as utils

[docs]class GoogleProvider(AuthProvider): ''' Provider to perform authentication with Google OAUTH Apis. ''' API_URL = '{}' @gen.coroutine
[docs] def authenticate(self, access_token, proxy_info=None, post_data=None): ''' Try to get Google user info and returns it if the given access_token get`s a valid user info in a string json format. If the response was not an status code 200 or get an error on Json, None was returned. Example of return on success:: { id: "1234567890abcdef", email: "", name: "Ricardo L. Dani", provider: "google" } ''' response = yield self._fetch_userinfo(access_token, proxy_info) if response.code == 200: body = utils.loads(response.body) if not body.get('error'): raise gen.Return({ 'email': body.get("email"), 'name': body.get("name"), 'id': body.get("id"), 'provider': self.get_name() }) raise gen.Return(None)
@gen.coroutine def _fetch_userinfo(self, access_token, proxy_info): url = self.API_URL.format(access_token)'Requesting %s with proxy %s...' % (url, proxy_info)) req = httpclient.HTTPRequest(url, **proxy_info) if proxy_info else url try: response = yield self.http_client.fetch(req) except httpclient.HTTPError as e: response = e.response raise gen.Return(response)